Yesterday and tomorrow


Have been busy work-shopping and brainstorming on some amazing concepts, can’t share yet but soon will. Love it when a plan comes together…from discussion to proposal on paper and then clients show an interest…..then the best part is taking it from the written word and morphing it into video…I love that process – so rewarding. I remember way back when Channel TV2/3 said they needed a variety show and together with a team we came up with an amazing concept involving 4 presenters that each spoke a different language, a combination of music (videos and live bands) dance theatre, movies and game shows. We called it Ngomqibelo ….then it progressed into Ngomqibelo/Kamokibelo and ran simultaneously on both channels 2 and 3. It lasted 16 years and was a great revenue maker for the channel….we were never off air, prime time slot weekly…..sponsors were lining up, we could not accommodate them all….will share some of my experiences in the near future.

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